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Monoglass Insulation

What is Monoglass®?

Monoglass® is spray-on insulation made with soft glass fibers, and a polymer adhesive that creates an insulation barrier that’s non-combustible and non-toxic. It can be applied to just about any surface or structure. With a single pass, it has a high R-value for maximum insulation. Technical: It can be applied 5″ thick, providing R-20 insulation value, and it requires no mechanical support. On vertical surfaces, it can be applied up to 7″ thick to provide an insulation value of R-28. 


How is Monoglass® used?

Monoglass®  can be applied to just about any surface or structural configuration. Aside from its high insulation value, it will reduce sound transmission and control reverberation in many spaces, and does not support mold growth, as well as being non-combustible. 

Metal Roof Repair

corroded metal roof restoration

The problems your experiencing

If you’re looking at our website, you’re having problems with your metal roof. We have several solutions that will help you to avoid a costly tear-off, and forever stop corrosion. The most significant problem your metal roof faces is paint cracking and peeling under harsh UV exposure, and weather conditions, which leads to corrosion, your worst enemy. When the roof corrodes it can lead to leaks, collapse, substrate damage, and it looks terrible. Our solutions include silicone metal roof coatings combined with spray foam insulation for added protection and energy cost reductions.

By the time you find out, it’s already too late.

The sun, rain, snow, and wind damage can crack the paint; which leads to water getting to the metal, and then rust weakens it, and a hole forms from corrosion. Next thing you know, you have a water leak. By the time you find out, it’s already too late. The rust has made a hole in your roof, and you’re looking up at a permanently dripping leak.

We have reduced our natural gas consumption by an average of about 30% per year, and we have saved almost $36,000 in the cost of gas.

Paul J. SincockCity Manager, City of Plymouth, Michigan

Thermal Control

With an R-Value of 4.00/inch, Monoglass® has superior insulating properties for thermal control of your space. If you have a hard-to-insulate space or just any space at all, Monoglass® is an excellent option.

Sound Transmission

Everything sprayed or fluid-applied is a better insulator naturally. Because Monoglass® is sprayed on, it fills cracks, gaps left behind by batt insulation, reducing noise leaks. It's a superior sound controller. One 1.46" application can dramatically reduce noise transmission through walls or ceilings.

Mold Control

When it comes to mold, it's an unfortunate part of construction in just about every area. Monoglass® can help to eliminate your mold woes. It's a fiberglass based product, it's inorganic, and there's no way to support mold growth.

Over FIreproofing

Monoglass® is non-combustible, so it's safe for application over fireproofing materials. Over the last 35 years, Monoglass® has undergone many tests to conform to the standards for non-combustibility, and it keeps passing. When applying over fireproofing, it will insulate, provide noise control, and control mold.

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