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About Energy Shield Roofing

Stopping Leaks & Saving You Money for 40 years.

Dedicated to providing you

with the highest quality

roofing systems available.

David Fritzinger established Energy Shield Inc. in 1978. Dave graduated from Indiana State University with a Bachelor’s in Chemistry. With his degree, he began working for a large paint manufacturer. Here, Dave learned about all the amazing properties of spray polyurethane foam. He knew that he had seen a product he could market, one that would provide superior insulation, waterproofing, and durability, surpassing all other products in the marketplace.

In 2014, Dave handed the company down to his son Karl. Karl has been working for Energy Shield Roofing for 30 years. In those years, he has gained a tremendous amount of knowledge about spray foam and its capabilities.

We look forward to many more years as our company continues to grow. We have the best product on the market and when we talk about it, you’ll know.

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Energy Shield's Commitment to Quality

40 years of industry-leading innovation.

We’re dedicated to providing you the highest quality commercial roofing and insulation systems. Since 1978, Energy Shield Roofing has been an industry leader and innovator in the application of spray foam roofing, fluid applied roof coatings and spray-on insulation systems.

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