the ability to re-roof our buildings without a complete tear-off of the old roof (along with all of the disruption to activities), is a significant benefit.

Mike LoefflerBusiness Manager, Orchard Lake Schools

The Orchard Lake Schools consist of three institutions: A prep school for boys (Orchard Lake School), a seminary, and a college, St. Mary’s college which is now a part of Ave Maria College

The institution is now 107 years old however several of the original buildings date back to the civil war. Built in 1859, and were first constructed as a military facility. Of these buildings, some with flat roofs were the most troublesome to the school regarding roof leaks.

The Problem

During the long Michigan winters, snow would accumulate on the roofs, then melt around the seams and holes, from the heat leaving through the roof. Water would run to the drains or gutters and freeze overnight forming “ice dams” which in-turn block the flow of additional meltwater, compounding matters. When the water backed-up onto the parapet walls or around vent stacks, more leaks occurred. Additionally, the hot-tar roofs would become brittle after a few seasons then shrink and crack due to thermal shock during the freeze-thaw cycles of late winter/early sprint. Leaks were a way of life with these roofs.

This is the Administration building, it’s been over 25 years since the last application of Spray Foam, to date, it is still providing a leak-free environment for the building.

The Solution

To combat the snow-melt, ice-dams, and Michigan weather, we applied a seamless coating of spray foam roofing over the buildings roofs. We did this more than 25 years ago, and it’s still keeping them leak free.


Our spray foam coating provides ultimate protection from a wide variety of weather conditions, including hail, snow, water, and ice.


Our spray foam solution is self-flashing, which even further eliminates all seams and cracks and prevents leaks from occuring.


There are no seams for air to escape from, this adds to the insulation protection, and is guaranteed to stop all leaks.

This spray foam has been on this roof since 1993, that’s 25 years. 

Outstanding results, superior protection, and lots of money saved.

No Leaks

Since most of the buildings on the campus have undergone a roof restoration with spray foam, there has been no leaks in those buildings.

Reduced Snowmelt

Snowmelt is a terrible enemy to roofs, especially in Michigan. Since the application of spray foam, snowmelt issues, and ice-dam build-up has been eliminated. Meaning the gutters backing up is a problem no more.

No more cracking

Spray foam has an incredible life, even if you don’t take care of your roof. In 25 years there has not been a crack in any of the spray foam applied. It’s continuing to hold up to provide ultimate protection.

Cost Savings

Roughly $130,000 was saved in 1978 on roof tear offs. Since then they’ve saved nearly $2.2 million in energy cost savings over 40 years. That’s an ROI of 1,348%. Interested in the same? Get a quote.