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Standard Roofing

Dark colored, mechanically fastened roofs with board insulation will heat up when in contact with the air-conditioned interior, causing moisture build up.

The suns effect on your roof

Your roof has holes and seams from mechanically fastened parts. As the weather progresses, the holes get bigger, and the seams widen. This expansion is how water gets in, and air gets out.

commercial insulation

With SPF or Silicone

Weather conditions can destroy your roof. Our Spray Foam and Silicone roofing solutions prevent your current roof, whatever the type, from succumbing to the harsh environment it’s exposed to day after day.

How we protect you

With Energy Shield’s spray foam roofing systems create a seamless air barrier and fill any holes and seams, we stop the air loss through the roof and wear & tear on your HVAC system.

Effective Energy Savings

This is how effective and energy saving your new roofing insulation solution could be.

In addition to coating your metal roof with spray foam and or silicone, offering a lifetime of water damage and corrosion protection, it can make your energy bills go down. And save you tons of money from avoiding a costly roof tear-off.

Weather Protection


Leak Protection


Money Saved

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WIth an SPF or Silicone Roof, you get the best protection from the harsh weather conditions. It’s also an air-tight insulator.


The SPF Insulator will fill all the seams, cracks and holes, leaving your roof stronger, and leak free.


Your conditioned air won’t escape the building through the roof, saving you 35% of your current energy loss, which can mean tons of money back in your pocket.

Standard Roofing

Dark colored, mechanically fastened roofs with board insulation will allow warm from the inside of your building out through the cracks, seams, and holes, this causes the snow to melt around those areas, leading to ice dams, and leaking roofs.

The snows effects on your roof

The heat from your building melts the snow, the snowmelt migrates to other parts of the roof, freezing again, creating an ice build up around the seams and cracks. It then forms a valley for water to sit, eventually leaking through your roof.

Energy Shield Roofing

With SPF or Silicone

With our spray foam or silicon solutions, it stops the snowmelt, because no air from inside your building is escaping to melt the snow, and there are no seams to form ice dams.

How we protect you

We stop the air loss, snowmelt, ice dams and insulate the roof, stopping the damage that the snow can have on your roof, and your building. With that, comes huge energy savings as the warm air stays inside.

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