Archer Building Group

Saved 48% on their annual energy costs

After realizing they could expect to spend nearly $51,000 a year on energy costs, and that would only go up, the people in the Archer building looked for alternative ways to save energy on their new 28,000 square foot industrial building. When they got with Energy Shield, we talked to them about how Energy Shield Insulation works, and the energy savings involved. They jumped right on board. After their first year of operation, they had spent only $26,499 in 2013, as opposed to the expected $50,960 a 48% savings.

Savings & The Energy Shield Difference
  • Annual Savings: $24,460
  • What we did: Saved them money, and made it possible for them to extend those savings to their future tenants. The Archer Group was at full occupancy before opening.

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