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How we save you money and energy

Energy Savings

You could see as much as a 50% reduction in your annual energy costs with an Energy Shield Inc. commercial roofing and insulation solution.

Weather Protection

Leak Protection

With an Energy Shield Inc. roof, the only thing dripping at 9 a.m. is the coffee pot.

Standard Roofs

Dark colored, mechanically fastened commercial roofs with board insulation will heat up when in contact with the air-conditioned interior, causing moisture to build up.

commercial insulation
The Energy Shield Way

Our spray foam or silicone coatings is a light-colored, heat reflective insulator, with no seams. And it eliminates moisture build-up and air loss; helping you save money.

Dark Colored & Standard Roof Types

commercial roof repair
  • Mechanically fastened holes and seams will expand and contract under normal weather conditions. The now bigger holes, cracks, and seams let water in and can destroy your roofing substrate. As a result, air escapes through these cracks, holes, and seams, costing you thousands of dollars because your HVAC has to work harder to compensate for the air loss.


  • The dark-colored roofing surface will transfer the heat to the inside of the building. Due to the harsh UV rays from the sun, the surface will degrade,  leading to larger seams, holes, cracks, peeling and sagging.


  • Furthermore, when the hot air heats up your roofing substrate and the inside cool conditioned air comes into contact with it, it will create condensation. That condensation will destroy your roof from the inside, and lead to leaks.

The Energy Shield, Inc. Roofing Way

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  • With our spray foam or silicone roof coating, all of the cracks and seams are filled and covered with a seamless, waterproof air barrier.


  • The light colored spray foam or silicone coating will reflect the light cooling the roof and adds protection from all weather conditions, and the harshest UV rays.


  • As a result, the cool inside conditioned air remains in your building, and can no longer escape through holes in the roof because the holes, cracks, and seams are gone.

How does it save me so much money?

It's really simple, and you'll love the outcome.

We provide a lifetime

of commercial roofing protection

that benefits your pocketbook

and the environment.

No Re-Roofing

Spray foam and silicone roofing solutions are all seamless, and fluid applied. As a result, your roof will not need to be torn off and replaced.

Cost Savings: $20,000 (per 10,000 square feet)

Weather Protection

Furthermore, our solutions offer superior weather protection. Flashing, and roof coverings won’t need to be replaced, extending your roof life indefinitely.

Cost Savings: $16,000 (per 10,000 square feet every 10 years)


Our spray foam solutions offer a seamless air barrier, that stops air from escaping through the roof. As a result, your HVAC systems work less and provide a more comfortable experience.

Cost Savings: 50% (per year in energy savings)

The Leaks Stop

Stopping leaks is just a benefit in itself. But, if you own a building and lease to tenants, you could save yourself the cost of acquiring new tenants after a disastrous roof leak.

Cost Savings: Unquantifiable. 

No Ceiling Replacements

Without any leaks, you won’t need to constantly replace ceiling tiles. Besides the labor of doing it, the materials are also expensive. Not to mention, we’ll save you from having to cope with costly electrical problems from a leak.

Cost Savings: $12,000 (if a leak is accompanied by electrical problems)

No Down Time

What’s this, no downtime? Yes, zero downtime while we restore your roof. Since its fluid applied, we can resurface your roof without requiring that anyone leave the building. This means you don’t suffer from work stoppages or production downtown. Again, helping you save more money.

Cost Savings: Your profit.

A likely scenario

Mr. Gibbs

Mr. Gibbs owns a small 5,000 square foot commercial building with a flat built-up roof. One Monday he walks into his lobby to find it a complete wreck. The entire lobby is soaked through the carpet, chairs are sopping wet, and the ceiling tiles have even crumbled all over the floor, and furniture. He calls Robby The Roofer who tells him he’ll be right out to fix the roof. Robby the Roofer comes right out and patches the roof. Mr. Gibbs has all the furniture replaced, and carpet cleaned, and ceiling replaced. The next month, the same thing happens again in another part of the building and he calls Robby the Roofer… and the story goes on like this.

  • 2 Carpet & Furniture Replacements: $7,000
  • 2 Replacements of Ceiling Tiles & Fixtures: $8,500
  • 2 Roof Patchings: $10,000
  • Total: $25,500
  • ROI: -75%

Mrs. Jones

Mrs. Jones owns a small 5,000 square foot commercial building with a flat built-up roof. One Monday she walks into her lobby to find it a complete wreck. The entire lobby is soaked through the carpet, chairs are sopping wet, and the ceiling tiles have even crumbled all over the floor, and furniture. Sounds familiar, right? She does some research and calls Steve the Spray Foam Guy. Steve the Spray Foam Guy used spray foam insulation on the roof and coats it with silicone. As a result, Mrs. Jones can save some money in the future.

  • 1 Carpet & Furniture Replacements: $3,500
  • 1 Replacements of Ceiling Tiles & Fixtures: $4,250
  • 1 Spray Foam Roof Restoration: $18,000
  • Total: $25,750
  • Energy Savings: $3,000 a year
  • ROI over 30 years: $90,000
  • The Twist: Mrs. Jones saw a return on her investment within 9 years, and made a total profit of $64,250 over 30 years through energy savings.

These results are real, don't waste time and money.

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