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Energy Shield's Commitment to Quality

40 years of industry-leading innovation as a top roofing company.

At Energy Shield, Inc. we’re dedicated to providing you the highest quality commercial roofing and insulation systems. For 40 years, Energy Shield has been a top roofing company. We’re an SPF industry leader and innovator in the application of spray foam roofing, spray-on insulation systems, and fluid applied roof coatings.  Above all, we have the awards to prove it.

Wyndham Gardens Hotel Award

top roofing company client

SPFA National Industry Excellence Award, 2007 Roof Foam > 40,000 sq. ft.

United States Postal Service Award

SPFA National Industry Excellence Award, 2010 for Roof Foam over 40,000 sq. ft.

New Milkovich Schools Award

SPFA National Industry Excellence Award, 2011 for Commercial Wall Foam.

Free Quote & Inspection

You can have one of our trained technicians come out, inspect your building and provide you with a free quote. No obligation to buy.