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The Versatility of Energy Shield Insulation

There are many spray foam insulation applications. Since it’s so versatile, it will work for you in almost any situation – insulate yourself. Using Energy Shield Insulation will make the difference you never thought possible. Its waterproof, airtight, and stronger than any other insulations with higher R-Values. It’s a sound insulator, mold, pest, and pollutant resistant. It even reduces construction waste, has lower maintenance costs, and make your building stronger.

Exterior Walls

Apply it to concrete block or anything.

There are many spray foam insulation applications, and since it’s so versatile, it can be applied to any commercial or industrial construction material, such as concrete block, concrete, brick, steel, wood, laminates and even exterior sheathing boards.

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Interior Walls

Stop water, stop drafts, stop wasting money.

Energy Shield Spray Foam Insulation will fill all the gaps, seams, and cracks in your walls, keeping the conditioned air, hot or cold, in your building. It stops water, and its airtight..

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Trucks & Vans

Need to keep produce fresh in transport?

Our spray foam insulation is strong, lightweight, and airtight. It doesn’t add weight to your van or truck either. It works amazingly for refrigerated trucks or vans. We build a frame for your van or truck, and then apply our spray foam insulation, and it will keep your van or truck insulated forever.

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Acoustical Insulation

Insulator, Sound Barrier, Mold-Proof

Acoustical Insulation is spray-on insulation made with soft glass fibers, and a polymer adhesive that creates an insulation barrier that’s non-combustible and non-toxic. It can be applied to just about any surface or structure. With a single pass, it has a high R-value for maximum insulation. 

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And so much more.

Water storage tanks, duct work & more.

Energy Shield Insulation can be used for any insulation need, including water storage tanks, digesters, freezers & coolers, conveyor tubes, separation insulation between heated & unheated areas of your building, and even coatings for below grade pipes, vaults and manholes. The list of spray foam applications is long. We also perform commercial roofing, both spray foam and silicone/rubber coatings.

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