Environmentally Friendly Roofing

Your commercial roof is exposed to harsh conditions like excess sunlight, heat, cold, rain, wind, and sometimes snow, sleet, and hail. If you’re lucky, your conventional roof will last you a good 20 years. When it comes to roofing, there are so many environmentally friendly options to choose from. If you’d like your roof to outlast traditional conventional roofing, consider an eco-friendly roof. In this blog, we’re going to outline the best options for your commercial building. Keep reading!


How Does Environmentally Friendly Roofing Benefit Your Commercial Building?

Environmentally friendly roofs come with several benefits for commercial building owners. The most appealing being the amount of money they can save. In addition, having an eco-friendly roof can help reduce your carbon footprint!  

A win-win for the environment and your wallet. 

Let’s talk about some roofing options to choose from.


1. Metal Roofing

One popular eco-friendly roofing material is metal, which can be made using recycled or new metal. Similar to other roofing materials, metal sheets have reflective properties which keep the sun’s rays away from the home. Metal roofs also have a longer life expectancy, making them a worthwhile investment. 

Remember, even though metal roofing is one of the most popular roofing options, it isn’t necessarily cheap! 


2. Silicone Roof Coating

Your roof protects you, so you should protect it with a spray foam or silicone roof coating. Prevent the issues that can cost thousands of dollars, intolerable working conditions, and an uncomfortable building. Roofing systems such as built-up roofing, elastomeric, weathered single-ply membranes, and mineral cap sheets, have many problems. From chalking, cracking, sagging, leaking, and splitting, the list goes on. 

A significant benefit of silicone roof coating is the ability to re-roof buildings without having to tear off the old roof.


3. Roof Restoration Solution

In addition to popular roofing options, our Roof Restoration Solution is another great eco-friendly roofing choice in which we recoat your current roof with spray foam insulation. With this method, we fill in gaps, seams, and sags with our spray foam insulation, depending on your individual building needs. By recoating and rebuilding, we’re eliminating both the cost associated with labor and the disposal fees. And of course, your carbon footprint is greatly reduced!  All of our spray foam solutions are environmentally friendly and do not contain ozone depletion potential (ODP) chemicals. There is zero Global Warming Potential (GWP), and these roof restoration solutions save on greenhouse gas emissions by not contributing to it at all.


Join the Battle to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

At Energy Shield, we care a whole lot about the environment and make every effort in our roofing systems to reduce our carbon footprint. With an Energy Shield roof restoration, you can join us in helping to reduce the environmental impact on our world, one roof at a time.